How can the right software help efficiently schedule NEMT drivers?


Providing passengers with high quality services is the number one priority of any non-emergency medical transportation company. Yet the majority of newly established businesses find it difficult to manually schedule the trips and often have to cope with delays, no-shows, cancellations, and inefficient driver scheduling. Truth be told, constantly assigning the same trips entails loss of working hours. But fully customizable NEMT scheduling software can streamline operations and make dispatchers’ work easier, more efficient and productive. Using a powerful tool you can automatically assign your drivers with a single click. 

Status updates 

In the medical transportation sphere, it’s crucial to be able to quickly construct the most optimal routes because schedules are always changing. When updates pop up, the program recommends adjustments to the schedule, letting you optimize routes on the fly. Additionally, it provides information about the vehicles’ live location and current status (en route to pick up/drop off).

Real-time location data 

The software can provide dispatchers with your drivers’ live locations at any time during the day. You can use this information to make adjustments based on your drivers’ geolocation. NEMT software enhances visibility for dispatchers and enables them to instantly connect fleet drivers with passengers who are ready to be picked up nearby. The mileage, estimated time of arrival, and travel times for each trip are calculated automatically by the scheduling tool. With live GPS tracking, you can monitor the whereabouts of drivers. The software also assists chauffeurs in making the appropriate modifications when traffic issues appear on the road.

Route optimization

Undoubtedly, route optimization can help your company to work with maximum efficiency. The application takes into account a number of aspects, such as current road and weather conditions, time windows to go to your clients’ appointments and back, etc. NEMT scheduling software ensures timely arrival, reduces the mileage, fuel expenses and travel time. 


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