About us

Introducing Technologies into your Medical Transportation Business

Optimization is a must for all businesses nowadays. Our software is a tool that allows businesses to grow, change, and become more profitable. Medical transportation is a challenging industry and there is no doubt that the requirements to the quality of transport service are high. Lateness, no-show, wrong vehicle type are among the most common pains of customers and NEMT companies. Hence, we have been working on creating solutions to these and many other problems of the industry. As a result, a well-developed, comprehensive software was created. 

Our Scope of Work

Assisting vulnerable categories of patients is a diligent job. It requires attention to detail, the ability to sympathize and provide a high-class service. It means that mistakes are twice more painful compared to a standard transportation service. Hence, we work on eliminating all the smallest mistakes in the process of arranging a medical transportation trip. The software we provide plans the trip selects the right vehicle depending on the client’s needs (wheelchair van, shuttle bus, etc), and of course, picks the most suitable route. It results in better service for the client, a quick selection of trips that leaves your drivers satisfied, and of course decreases the chances of misunderstanding like assigning the wrong vehicle to the trip. 

Who works in our team?

We are IT specialists, accountants, customer support agents who gathered to develop a fine product that meets all the needs of our customers. We work round-the-clock to answer all inquiries and provide support if needed. 

What is the benefit for your business?

With the assistance of our software, you decrease the chances of human error but also, decrease the efforts your employees spend on routine tasks. Automation of many small processes lets you have more time on your hands to think about the strategic goals of your company.